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EZ-ECF - Batch Processing Output to CM/ECF


EZ-ECF is an ECF solution that automatically files pdf versions of documents through the Court's CM/ECF web site. It automates a process that is both tedious and error-prone for Bankruptcy administrators, and is particularly well-suited to those documents which your practice must file in large numbers through CM/ECF.


Seamless Integration and Compatibility

EZ-ECF can be configured as a stand-alone service which loads files from local network folders, reads data and documents from case management applications or databases, or it can be integrated with and managed from BDMS. SMI will work with you to adapt EZ-ECF to your practice's document generation methods.

Simplicity and Efficiency

Each EZ-ECF job files one type of document and generates a journal of the documents which it processed in that job, with detailed exception reporting. CM/ECF transaction receipts for each transaction are stored locally for later review. EZ-ECF job(s) may be manually submitted or scheduled to run on any user workstation (typically during non-business hours). In the latter case, no user intervention is required.

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